Banish Hunger

Monday, June 9th, 2014

Our Achievement

  • 3,070.3 Ha of Land cleared and 6,209.4 Ha of land tractorised across the State for farming purposes
  • 3,645 Farmers across the State benefitted from the sum of N476,350,000 from the Government Guaranteed Agriculture Loan Scheme
  • A total of 120 Metric Tons of Catfish have been produced in partnership with Kayolad Nigeria Limited, under Osun Fisheries Outgrowers Scheme (OFOPS) which was supported with N36, 800,000 to promote Fish production and train Youths.
  • N253million was provided the Association of Aquatic Farmers & Agro-processor of Nigeria(AAFAN), State of Osun branch to produce 800 metric tons of catfish as well as processing for value addition
  • 400 Fish Farmers supported under the Osun Fisheries Outgrower Production Scheme
  • A sum of N539,435,200 was provided for 578 farms in which over 3,779,400 Day-old Chicks were raised under the Osun Broilers Outgrower Production Scheme
  • N185million made as profit by Poultry farmer under the Broiler Scheme
  • Number leading State in Broiler production and supplies in the whole of Nigeria
  • 9 Farm settlements upgraded infrastructurally Rehabilitation of farm settlement of Mokore, Alaguntan, Ago Owu, Esa- Oke, Esa Odo, Patara, Idi Iroko, Akinyele, Ikoyi
  • 500km of rural roads in agriculturally advantaged areas being rehabilitated under the Osun Rural Access and Mobility Project (OSRAMP) making Osun the leading State under the RAMP Project.
  • Establishment of the Osun Cattle Hub at Oloba, Iwo to produce over 100,000 herds of cattle per year with Construction of three (03) feedlot paddocks, sinking of four(04) boreholes rehabilitation of electricity supply, re-construction of one of the two(02) junior staff quarters  and grading and construction of farm road within the complex.
  • 1,606 OYES Cadets have been trained in Modern Agriculture at the newly established O-REAP Youth Academy located in the 9 Federal Constituencies
  • 250 youths have been trained in agricultural production at Leventis Foundation
  • 40 Youth sent to Germany for training  in advance agricultural practices.
  • 1,000 farmers trained on cocoyam planting, 90 cocoyam women farmers graduated and empowered and over 300 OYES Cadets given loans of N100,000 each to serve as cocoyam off- takers under the cocoyam rebirth programme

Next Steps

  • To asphalt roads already graded in farm settlements so as to provide a lasting solution to the problem of transporting farm produce
  • To improve on the outgrower models of Osun Broiler production and Osun fisheries production scheme
  • To complete the Lagos-Osun logistics hub through provision of free transportation of agricultural goods to lagos
  • To capture 10% of the N3b daily food market in Lagos
  • Under the Osun Cattle Hub, to establish other Hubs in Ede and Ejigbo so as to realise the goal of making Osun the number one producer of beef in Nigeria
  • To provide agric loans to farmers
  • To realise fully the goal of generating sustainable revenue through agric