Restore Healthy Living

Monday, June 9th, 2014

Our Achievement

  • 74 Primary Health Centres built
  • 9 State Hospitals and 12 Comprehensive Health Centres been rehabilitated in the State
  • First Emergency Ambulance Scheme, Osun State Ambulance Authority (O’AMBULANCE) established
  • 50 Ambulances provided for the take off of the Ambulance Authority
  • 400 Youths trained and employed as Paramedics under O’AMBULANCE
  • Ede water works capacity increased from 13% to 30% additional work ongoing to increase it to 100%
  •  Over 123km of rivers, arteries and canals have been dredged in the state to prevent loss of lives and properties to flood
  • Bi-monthly sanitation exercise introduced in the state
  • 64 waste disposal trucks provided for waste collection and disposal in the state
  • 185 km Oyo Boundary(Asejire) to Osun-Ondo Boundary (Owena) undergoing beautification
  • Promotion of exercise culture through the WALK TO LIVE programme

Next Steps

  • To rehabilitate other hospitals and Comprehensive health centres under the second phase of hospitals infrastructure upgrade
  • To complete building of emergency ambulance spots on the already deployed ambulance routes in the state as well as finalising the central emergency call unit centre Ambulance
  • To retrain paramedics on first- aid treatment for emergency purposes in the state
  • To complete Ede water works so as to achieve 100% utilisation capacity and complete rehabilitation of service and distribution areas. To start work on other Water works of Esa-Odo, Ilesa, Eko-Ende and rehabilitate all broken down water points in the state
  •  To strengthen the O’CLEAN PLUS model