Pact With The People Of Osun, Land Of The Virtuous. Ipinle Omoluabi

On September 1886, Our Obas, Generals and leaders pledged themselves to the pursuit of peace, progress and prosperity among the children of Oduduwa at a camp between Okemisi and Igbajo, ending the twenty- year civil war in Yoruba land (IKRIJI). We enjoyed this grace until 1962, when the western house of assembly was sacked and the room to pursue the promise of kiriji was terminated in all but the name.

For so long thereafter, our people endured an atmosphere of

  • Political Disenfranchisement
  • Economic Stagnation and
  • Socio-psychological Insecurity

The Oranmiyan movement is an effort to; fill this vacuum of under-development, rekindle aspirations of our forebears, deliver the promise of freedom for all, and increasing the standard of living of the people.

On April 2007, the great people of Osun state freely gave Oranmiyan the mandate to liberate them from the shackles of the oppressors. On the 26thof November 2010, after the declaration by the Appellate Court in Ibadan of Engr. Rauf Aregbesola as the rightful winner of the April 2007 election, the movement began its journey to deliver it’s promise to the people of Osun State.

Since then, and to the glory of the Almighty, OSUN has been witnessing unprecedented developments through what is now popularly called “an unusual Government”.


Our vision statement is to operate as a people friendly government that focuses on the development of human capital, eradication of poverty and hunger, reintroduction of functional education, and the revamp of individuals to pursue happiness and a fulfilled life.


The Oranmiyan Leader passionately desires to reverse the paradigm by ensuring that Osun becomes a model for rapid socio-economic transformation within a relatively short period.


As an accomplished technocrat, he intends to employ eclectic use of data identification while leveraging the best minds and talents to bring about fundamental changes in the ethos of what has turned an apathetic and begger state.

A six-point integral Action plan, constitutes the article of faith concerning with which the Leader wants to be held accountable at any time during his stewardship:

  1. Banish Hunger
  2. Banish Poverty
  3. Banish Unemployment
  4. Promote Functional Education
  5. Restore Healthy Living
  6. Enhance Communal Peace and Progress