The Organization

Oranmiyan the movement was formally launched on 16th April 2005 at Osogbo. Due to the amount of preliminary works carried out before the date, this launch recorded immediate success.

Oranmiyan has since become a household name in Osun and beyond. The introduction took the format of a BRAND creation. It is therefore imperative that the brand be managed to keep it in the consciousness of the people of the state. Having been launched successfully, it has become imperative to evolve sustainable programme that will ensure its continued growth and acceptance. In Osun today, it remains the most active political movement.

The Philosophy

The philosophy behind the choice of the name need be explained to the generality of members and public.

Oranmiyan is the name of one of the sons of Oduduwa. History recorded him as one of the youngest and one imbued with restless but valiant attributes. He led and won several war campaigns even before his father’s death. He was a successful Diplomat and Prince. As Ambassador Plenipotentiary, History recorded him in Benin Kingdom. At Benin he became involved with a Benin beauty and princess. The offspring of that union are claimed to be the progenitors of the present ruling dynasty in Benin City today.

The Prince returned to Ife and went on several war expeditions before the death of Oduduwa. He was away on one of his numerous campaigns when Oduduwa died. Before his return his brothers had distributed the material possession of their father leaving only the least ‘useful’ lands. The smart Oranmiyan inherited and toiled the land and subsequently demanded rent on the land from his brothers.

He became instantly richer than his brothers. He was recorded as succeeding the Oduduwa throne. He left Ife leaving Ooni as guardian of the throne. He went north on an expedition purportedly to avenge the expulsion of his grandfather from his native Middle-East country. Having been discouraged by the King of Nupe on the foolhardiness of the project, he founded and settled Oyo on his southern march back to Ife and becoming, so to say, the first Alaafin of Oyo. Thus he became the founder of the first real Yoruba political entity, later called Oyo Empire. He was associated with some other dynasties apart from the Benin’s, like Popo in the present day Republic of Benin.

He was remarkable for his intelligence, bravery, industry and leadership qualities. He was an exemplary Nation builder in the real sense of the word.

We draw our inspiration from this our great forebear in our quest for the renaissance of the great Yoruba political past. Our Symbol relates to this great historical figure and draws his inspiration therefrom among others.

Oranmiyan as a name, stripped of its histo-political link with our legendary ancestor, is an affirmative statement acknowledging to God’s favours. Alhamdulillah, All praises to God.

“Oran Mi Yan” meaning “My Issues have been resolved”. Oro Gbogbo Wa Lo Ma Yan O. May all our issues be resolved. Amen

Our political philosophy was defined by the immediate needs of our people to be redeemed from the stranglehold of the parasitic, selfish and underachieving political interlopers that were in the saddle of affairs in Osun.

On the long term, we seek to recreate a social-political environment that inspires the citizens to realize their full potentials and aspirations without let or hindrance.

We seek to recreate a socially responsible system of governance with the welfare of its citizen central to its operations. We seek to recreate the glorious period of Yoruba political era architected on Chief Obafemi Awolowo’s social welfare and well though-out political strategies and performance.

A government of the people, by the people and for the people indeed. By the Grace of the Almighty God. Amen.